Off-Track Garage Door Repair Tulsa OK

Off track garage doors in Tulsa OKAn off-track garage door may trigger accidents and loss of money aside from looking ugly. You should not try to operate the garage door physically or with the automatic garage door opener, since it may cause damage to the door, or possibly be life threatening.

Main Causes of Garage Doors Falling off the Tracks

Most typical reason of garage door derailment is breaking of one or both of the garage door cables. These cables help to offset the weight of the door and guide it during its journey up and down the tracks. Garage door cables work a long time if there is no rough handling, hence main reason for their deterioration is wear and tear.

Apart from the above reason; there are two more reasons frequently linked to garage doors becoming off track. Sometimes your garage door can become loose from its tracks, because of an obstruction, or from anything hitting it-hard. For example, if you had mistakenly put your car into reverse when the garage door was still shut, the crash may cause the door to jar off its-tracks.

Pro Garage Door Repair Tulsa to the Rescue!

As mentioned before, it is often hazardous and risky to deal with off track garage doors without proper knowledge about it. Instead, be sure you call our company once you see any flaws with your garage door or garage door tracks. Our professional, certified technicians are trained in proficiently handling this precise repair task, with the following 4-step process:

1. Check the tracks for any physical marks of damage (i.e. bent, broken, etc.) and make sure that they are correctly aligned and strongly secured to the garage walls.
2. Readjust track and roller orientation, as necessary.
3. Clean the tracks of any dirt or collection and lubricate with commercial grade oil.
4. Check the garage door in its completeness for any loose or missing elements and/or hardware.

With Pro Garage Door Repair Tulsa, you may get exceptional customer support, and all repairs will be done at your utmost convenience. We are available, with fully-stocked trucks and best quality parts, 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week. In most events we can arrive to your location the same day you call!

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