emergency garage door repair tulsa ok

Emergency Garage Door Repair Tulsa OK

There are some things in life that are unavoidable. Unfortunately, a broken garage door is one of them. Most people never think about the possibility of their garage door taking a dive as they push the button to open and shut it every day. But the fact of the matter is your garage door will break down at some point, likely a point that couldn’t be any more inconvenient. That’s why emergency garage door repair Tulsa OK services are available right here with Pro Garage Door Repair Tulsa.

Customer service agents are standing by ready to take your call should a garage door emergency arise. No matter if it’s early in the morning, the middle of the weekend or late at night, our repair professionals are ready to tackle your problematic garage door. That’s what puts Pro Garage Door Repair Tulsa at the top of the list of repair and installation companies in the area.

Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors may stop functioning properly for a number of reasons. Here are the most common:

  1. Broken Torsion or Extension Springs

emergency garage door repair tulsa okBroken torsion or extension springs are the most common and easily identifiable cause of garage door problems. A torsion garage door spring is guaranteed to stop working at some point because it is set for a number of cycles. A cycle consists of one complete open and one complete close of the door. Typically, torsion springs are set for 10,000 cycles, which covers an average of 13 years. Once it hits the magic number, boom goes the spring.

If you notice your garage door spring has broken or snapped, it is HIGHLY ADVISED not to attempt to repair it alone. Those who are not experienced or trained in repairing broken springs run a serious risk of injury when attempting to fix it. The certified pros here at Pro Garage Door Repair Tulsa have years of experience working on garage door springs and are ready to help.

  1. Off Track Garage Doors

emergency garage door repair tulsa okAnother common cause of garage door issues is an off-track. In many cases, nothing needs to hit or damage the door itself for it to be knocked off track. In some instances, the garage door cables are knocked out of the drum and become twisted or tangled. This is another situation in which you should only have a trained professional inspect and diagnose the problem. In the meantime, make sure to keep pets and family members away from the door, as an off track or unstable door could lead to serious injury.

  1. Broken or Snapped Cables

Though not a terribly common issue, garage door cables can sometimes snap or break. This is more likely if you live in extreme cold or warm climates. If you have a broken cable, contact us right away.

Emergency Garage Door Repair Services in Tulsa OK

If a broken garage door has you in a jam, contact Pro Garage Door Repair Tulsa right away. No matter the hour or conditions, you can reach us at (918) 863-8929. We have replacement parts and can repair all major brands. The solution to your garage door woes is just a phone call away!

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